All sessions are designed with your child's developmental stage in mind.


Our session is child lead. We will play, run, dance, and sing silly songs.



I will do whatever it takes to bring out your child's true personality and have a blast during our time together. 





Your child will never annoy me. It is my honor to play with them until they feel comfortable and safe enough to flash me those genuine (although sometimes toothless) smiles. 



Head over to the "Contact me" tab of this page.

Tell me about your hopes and dreams for your session. Where do you envision these memories taking place? Do you want to frolic in a field of flowers? Do you want to stand on the edge of vast waters? Do you want to climb a mountain and take in the awe-inspiring views with your family? Do you want to be in the comfort of your own home? 

Tell me when you want to have your session. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.

Tell me all about your family! Tell me about you, what dreams and fears do you have surrounding your session? Tell me about your husband, does he love doing family portraits? If not, what can I do to win him over? Tell me about your babies, what are their ages? What are their interests? Tell me about your fur babies, will they be joining us for the fun?

We will set a date, get to know each other, and dream about the fun times to come!



Click through to view my guide to preparing for your session. 


                                                                                Preparing for your session with Keri Messina Photography

*Keri Messina Photography is based in Idaho and serves the greater Boise area*